Boxes and Vessels

   My second course at the Canadian Embroiderers' Guild of Guelph. Boxes! I love 'em. I'm gonna make some more. Stephanie Zongor taught me how to construct the whole thing with nary a bit of glue - all stitched.
Blue pyramid box
        Hexagonal box closed        OK - these two have glue and lots of it. They were made from kits with pre-cut card. I supplied the fabric. For the pyramid, I bought the fabric especially. The hexagonal box was covered with sari fabric left over from a bridesmaid outfit that I made years ago.

Felted bowl) A felted bowl. I chose colours that could be compatible with my living room. My upholstery has strong geometric patterns. However, once I finished the felting, I kept seeing maple leaves covering the inside. So, I have navy blue maple leaves in there. The felt is so thick that you can embroider the inside and none of that stitching shows on the outside.

Conception I received some ammolites (fossil gems) as small, flat discs. I hand painted some silk in matching colours and created this box. The ammolites were attached using Shisha stitches and I carried on with some stumpwork techniques to make the raised, wavy ridges. With the small beads, it looked rather like some kind of large, mobile eggs approaching a bed of waiting sperm so I called it Conception