Quilts and Quilted Wall Hangings

 It took about 9 months from concept to completion for this wall hanging. My husband was moving into a brand new office building and I wanted to be able to give him a piece of my "art" to hang there. A quilted wall hanging seemed most accessible. I had long thought that a circuit board could be evoked in fabrics, so I made the attempt. Though most of these blocks look *nothing* like a computer chip, people seem to think of a circuit board right away, when they see the quilt. Made of: fabrics, purchased beads, handmade Fimo beads, couched threads, applique, reverse applique, smocking, hand-quilting. September 2000 

  When I visited her in Haliburton, my sister gave me two bandanas gleaned from cases of beer purchased at the restaurant where she cooked. As I had enjoyed a free dinner at the restaurant each night, I decided to create something from these bandanas that could be hung on the wall. There were already several pieces of art on the walls, there. I created a miniature quilt with a beer theme, piecing five tiny panels for a nine-patch and adding clip art printed on fabric. The piece was then machine-quilted. September 2001

  This is a small quilt I made to go on the back of our love seat. Our cat loves to sleep up there and this quilt is basically a cat fur gatherer. It is a lot easier to lift off the quilt and wash it than to try to get that cat fur off the upholstery. Now that I have taken the felting course, I think I understand what is happening between the love seat upholstery and the cat fur! Anyway, once I made it, I *really* liked it!

Nativity Quilt I started this quilt as a project for the quilting group I used to belong to, at church. Once I got started, I realized I had appliqued it too heavily for it ever to be hand quilted. So I machine quilted it.

Log Cabin School quilt Going through my mother's sewing stuff, I found a bag with all the "ingredients" for a small quilt, but no pattern. The fabrics were all themed for grade school. I don't know if it was to be a vest or a wall hanging or a bag or what. I decided to make a wall hanging, in log cabin style, to donate to an upcoming charity auction. This photo was taken while the quilt was in the frame and I forgot to take a photo when I finished! September 2005