Ornaments and Other Small Projects


I like to make small projects - partly for the satisfaction of finishing in a short time - partly because small projects are easy to tuck into my purse or pocket and work on while waiting for someone (like a son at karate lessons). I've made scores of small ornaments, bracelets, cards, pouches, bags and what-nots.

The first two items are tiny pouches. The pouches are patterns from a delicious book by Kumiko Sudo, called "Omiyage". The book is one of those beautifully done books that you just drool over! It's a pleasure to leaf through it. I chose some flower-patterned pouches to make up. I sold several at a charity event. Take a half an hour and choose some pretty fabric and cut out a few sets of pouches. Then,  you can put a set in your pocket and make up one of these little bags in one soccer game.

Following the Omiyage, are ornaments. The silver and black bell was from a Canvaswork course. The round ornaments (yes, those are unmounted) were also Canvaswork. The tasseled ornament is cross-stitch and the star was part of a project for our group to fill a Christmas tree with embroidered stars of our own design.

                Ornament Bell        Ornament Patchwork        Ornament Patchwork closeup        Ornament pink Canvaswork        Ornament pastel canvaswork        Ornament Star